About the Artist


Alex Roman Jr. (Donkeeboy) is a Houston based visual artist who remixes Pop Art by creating pieces that often consist of double entendre, puns, and mashups. 

In his early years as a budding artist, he was discouraged by skeptics who didn’t believe he could make it in the art world. They often called him “burro” which is Spanish for donkey. Alex, motivated by the doubt, instead realized the positive and claimed the pseudonym, Donkeeboy. A donkey because they are loyal, hardworking, and stubborn, just like he was for pursuing his dream despite the dissuasion. From there, Donkeeboy has continued to challenge the status quo while echoing the belief that you should never give up on your passion. 

Today, Donkeeboy has painted over 70 murals alongside his artist mom, Donkeemom. He has also collaborated with a range of recognized organizations like the Houston Astros, Houston Dynamo, Philadelphia 76ers, Champs Sports, UFC, Louisville Slugger, Fender, Jack Daniels, Jameson, and more.