Born on January 1, 1982, Alejandro (Alex) Roman Jr. is a Houston based artist that divides his time between his hometown of Houston, TX and Los Angeles, CA.

Roman’s creativity and interest in art grew stronger throughout his childhood and at the young age of 13, he realized that for him art was not a hobby; it was a way of life.  Shortly after, Donkeeboy was born – a symbolic retort to all the non-believers and naysayers. With it, Roman continuously proves that determination and stubbornness in his passion for art is transforming him into an artist that will not be ignored.

Most recently, Roman has focused more on pop culture – past and present.  Using house paint, paint markers and other mediums, he puts his own unique spin on famous icons, creating works of art which tend to consist of various double entendre and visual puns.

And with the words of the great Arthur Ashe resonating within him, “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Alex Roman Jr. is demonstrating that there are no limits to what he can and will achieve.